Aston on Trent

Aston Well Dressers

Guide Pac-Man around the village of Aston on Trent, collecting materials for the annual Aston Well Dressing Festival. Avoid the ghosts originating from the yard of All Saints Church. Start at Aston on Trent's Memorial Hall, use the cursor keys to move around Aston's streets.

Map of Aston upon Trent

Aston Well Dressing

Ghosts will return to Aston's All Saints Church when a Pacman's life is lost. Once enough material is collected for a Well Dressing in Aston on Trent, you advance to the the next level. You cannot leave Aston on Trent as Derby Road links to Weston Road and Chellaston Lane links to Shardlow Road. Aston on Trent holds a Well Dressing once per year and is organised by the Aston Well Dressers.

Well Dressing

Aston Well Dressers
aston on trent
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